Frequently Asked Questions
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Adviuz allows you to earn real money simply by

1. Viewing Latest Schemes, Offers, attractive discounts offered our advertisers.

2. Watching Youtube Videos

3. Chatting with Strangers & making them your Friends

4. Playing Games

You can join and start earning completely free.

Not only earning , this site allows you to promote your Business, Social Pages, Banners & Youtube Videos here to get millions of live audiences in just a matter of seconds.

Its absolutely Free as most of the services in big sites are free so you need not to pay anything to earn Money here.

1. Enter username, password & email id at & Click Register.

2. Check the verification email at your email id and click on verification link.

3. Verification code will appear automatically if not copy and paste it from email then Click Activate.

4. Login to your account. Click view Latest deals and offers.

5. At top Right Corner, Click I want more ads and Enter details like gender, DOB, Location etc and click start earning.

6. Ad boxes will appear.Click on the Ads Boxes

7. Advertisement will open in new window

8. You have to view advertisement till the validation time to earn money

9. if you are interested use Talk to Advertiser button to send message to Advertiser

10. Your Money will be instantly credited to your adviuz account

11. Once you have Rs.5 in your account withdraw it to your local bank.

The income you make will vary depending on a few factors including

1. Amount of time you remain active on site

2. Type of advertisement viewed etc

Here's an example:
If you clicks 20 ads of ad value Rs.0.50 and ad duration 2 minute a day, you can earn Rs.10 in 2 minutes

You can earn even more by chating with strangers and making them your friends. You will be getting 10% Commision from your friends Income

Let us consider an example where you have 250 friends in other social networking site. Those friends are not giving you any benifit there in terms of money but if you make friends at this site , this site will help you earn even more than what you have never expected.

Lets calculate

Suppose you are daily active in our chatrooms and making 10 friends a day, 300 friends a month. Each of your friend earn Rs.10 per day therefore 300 friends are earning Rs.3000 per day and you are getting 10% of 3000 i.e

Earning = Rs.300 per day in 2 minutes

Earning = Rs.9000 per month in 1 Hour

Earning = Rs.72000 per year in 12 hourss

The amount you earn per advertisement changes depending on type of advertisement viewed and traffic load but we try to serve you with best rates.

You get paid once you reach the minimum payout. The minimum payout is set at

Rs.5 for the first cashout

Rs.30 for the second cashout

Rs.100 for the third cashout

Once you withdraw money from, the money will be credited to your bank account instantly or within 24 hours depening on the cashout load and accuracy of your information

Other people in your house may join but they cannot join with the same IP address. Only one account per IP address is allowed. We do this for the sake of our advertisers.

You are not allowed to use a Proxy or Virtual Network (VN), we will ban accounts that do

Yes. We recommend Google Chrome Browser for best view.

Yes, you can use your main balance anytime to promote your stuff.

Yes , you can withdraw 24 x 7.

Its a system in which you try your luck by clicking a box in a grid. On clicking any box it will open a random ad in which your gift may be hidden. Gift can be main balance or any surprize.

No. Try your luck is absolutely free. You always fixed chances in a day to try your luck. To have more chances you need to have points.

You can earn point by viewing social ads.

Yes. Its free to promote your social pages here.

Adviuz is Worlds Fastest Advertising Platform that works like television advertising, operate like paid search engine campaigns, oriented like social media platform & pay per click costs is as low as a cost of leaflet.

1. Share the link which you want to promote. Link can be your E-commerce website link, You Tube Video link, Facebook Page link, Google Plus Link or Banner link, we promote everything.

2. Lock a dedicated showcase to expose your Business to millions of people in a very controlled and secure environment.

3. Credit balance in your Adviuz account & pay only for 1st click per day / visitor

4. Not only pay per click but its pay per valid click which means you only pay after visitor view your ad upto at least 120s. Eg. Even If visitor view your ad for 119 Seconds, you will not be paying for 119 Seconds

5. More will be the ad view time more will be the chances of Conversion. More you expose more you Dominate your sector.

Adviuz is Worlds First leading company to Introduce DVMPA Model where DVMPA stands for Dedicated Virtual Market Place for Advertisers. This Model open the doors for Advertisers to meet, interact and expose their Business to potential Customers to gain Branding and sales Simultaneously.

You can promote websites, Blogs, You Tube Videos, Facebook Pages, Google plus pages, Banners & more

Advertisements always get annoying behaviour by users. Either its YouTube, Mobile App or Television, people always wait to skip and get rid of ads, the reason being Psychology of the users about ads. People give first priority to their work not to ads. Adviuz add your advertisement in their work Schedule to get their dedicated time only for your advertisement.

At Adviuz your ad would be the 1st priority for the users. Use it to see it

We value your talent, you always have option to use Main Balance to promote your Talent.

We value your efforts in flourishing your Business and we are here to help you to make it large thats why we offer custom plans for small businesses.

Adviuz is world's first leader who has introduced the concept of DVMPA and offers following unmatchable Benifits

1. Ad Focus

2. Smart Spend

3. Super Smart Spend

4. Quick Responses

5. Real Time Campaign tracking

6. Audience Targeting

7. Multi-Platform Campaign management .

8. Sales Generator

Once your payment is released to us, we immediatly activate your Ad. This process may take 24 hours to activate your ad.

We support most demand banner size at best postion in our site to get your banner noticed

Yes. We do offer attractive Discount for Bulk Purchases.

Yes ,you can pay online using Debitcard/Credit Card / Internet Banking through secure payment gateway.

Yes, we share 5% -10% Commision with our affiliates.

Yes we do offer live support for our advertisers.