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1. Cookies

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2. User Emails and Phone numbers

2.1. We dont sell email or phone numbers. By using quick reply buttons you agree that you are sharing your email and mobile number with advertiser at your own choice and you may start getting responses from advertisers .

2.2. We may use your email to contact you at any time.

2.3. We will share your payment information with Bank payment Gateway team to pay you.

2.4. We will use your payment accounts to pay you.

3. User Password

3.1. Your password is saved safely in our database through undecryptable 256-bit binary encryption.

4. Username

4.1. Your username will be shown, and may be shown by us at anytime.

4.2. Your username will show in the chat and forum.

5. Advertisements

5.1. We try to avoid offensive ads. If one is displayed, please report it at and we will remove it.

5.2. If you click an ad, you are expected to view it.

5.3. You must obey the rules of websites you visit while using our service.

5.4. We are not Responsible for the content of the ad, it totally depend on you either to see it or not. We will not be responsible for any disputes between you and advertiser.